Meet the Crew

Captain Richard Gillett

Richard Gillett, Captain of the Midnight ShadowRichard comes from a long line of mariners. In fact he is a fifth-generation Captain. He started fishing at the very young age of six years where he would go out with his Dad hauling lobster pots. He became a ½ share man at age 11 and was promoted to full share man at age 13. Richard continued to fish with his dad until he was age 25.

Richard has always had a great desire to captain his own boat, and did so in 1995 when he bought his first 34′ longliner. At the time he was told by everyone he was taking a huge risk. Richard never did mind a challenge so he did it anyway. And have never looked back. This was also the first boat Richard lost, to an enormous iceberg. You see, along with the pressure of knowing that if he failed he would lose everything, Richard had something to prove to all those who told him he wouldn’t amount anything.

No matter what Richard does he does it full throttle. His motto is go big or go home.

In his earlier years he became known as a bit of a risk taker with a hard drive, and he expected nothing less from his crew. Richard takes his duties as captain very seriously and is quite aware of everything that is at stake if he doesn’t perform.

Richard was born and raised in Twillingate, a small town on the north east coast of Newfoundland, where he has remained and lives with his wife Joyce and their three children. He has hopes that one day there will be enough left of the fishery that their children could make an honest living at it if they so choose. It’s a hard job but one he wouldn’t trade.

Richard has often said that he didn’t have any choice but to love fishing; his dad bred it into him. He is proud — and rightly so — of his accomplishments, but wants everyone to know he isn’t finished yet.

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