Cold Water Cowboys

Watch Cold Water Cowboys on Discovery Channel!Cold Water Cowboys is a new series on The Discovery Channel, following the crews of six Newfoundland fishing vessels. The everyday lives of these men are fraught with danger, thick with intrigue, and filled with worries of the unknown.

Instead of rolling chairs in an office, these men experience the rolling waves of the Atlantic. Instead of facing the icy stares of the boss, these men face the frozen walls of icebergs looming over their ships. And instead of chasing down a client for a meeting, these guys chase their prey across the frigid waters of the North Atlantic.

The Midnight Shadow is one of the six vessels featured in Cold Water Cowboys. The show follows their every up and down, over the swells and along the roller coaster of emotions the fishermen experience as they work their fingers to the bone.

The Cold Water Cowboys face many unknowns, and the dangerous life of a fisherman out on the unforgiving North Atlantic is captured here in all its raw energy. While icebergs and Nor’easters are the most obvious challenges, mechanical complications, seasonal deadlines, and the ever-changing location of the elusive fish all add to the stresses these working men experience.

Share in the family-like bonds these men share while on board their ocean chariots. Feel their exhaustion when they collapse in the bunk at the end of the day. Watch their faces break into wide smiles as they load up the hold and think about heading home. Notice the tension written on the captain’s face as he steers the boat through wind and rain. Cold Water Cowboys will change your ideas about the fishing industry. Prepare to be hooked!